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New Product
Auto Air Filter



1.Nanofibers Filter Fabric: PM2.5 Resistance Rate 100%, Antibacterial Rate 99.9%

Anti-Smog, anti-bacteria, straggered stacking nanifiber.
2.Cellular Biosand Filter : Adsorption, Decomposition, Deodorization
Strongly removing odours, lowest windage bycellular filter design.
3.Staple Fibers Filter Fabric:Filter with Low Ventilation Resistance
Fine fiber, ultra lowest windage

*Efficient Elimination of carcinogenic formaldehyde and other chemicals.
*Strongly elimination of cigarette odour and nicotine.
*Rducing the musty odour caused by the vehicel A/C during raining days.
*Removing the food odour in the vehicle.
*Removing the pets odours in the vehicles.

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